Famous Homemade European Style

Homemade - Hungarian Style "Töpörtyüs Pogacsa"  (Pogacha)
"Pogácsa"   Hungarian Biscuits  (Cheese or Pork)

Similar to:
Focaccia, Pogatschen, Pogača, Pogacha, Fougasse Hogaza

Specially made for Otto's. 
These contain the real töpörtyüs pork. 
A Hungarian Favorite.

Pogácsa are a type of savory scone / biscuit that is common in Hungary. They are made out of pastry and traditionally covered with small thin strips of pork with a slight hint of paprika.  Also, available in Cheese (Sajtos)

Pogácsas are typically 6-10cm in diameter and range in size from the smaller, crispier scones through to the larger fluffier versions. They are commonly eaten alone as a snack, with wine, or with a stew -- such as goulash. 
[     ] Bag of 9 (Large)     Pogácsa Package          $ 22.95 ea.
[     ] Bag of Minis      Pogácsa Package          $ 22.95 ea.

Hungarian Style "Potato" Bread "Krumplis kenyér"
Made with natural ingredients with real potato flower!
Kept authentically un-sliced!
[ ] 2 lbs. $ 10.95

Hungarian / Hebrew Style Rye Bread
"Rozs kenyér"
Delicious sliced seedless rye!
[ ] 1 ½ lbs. $ 8.95

Hungarian Raison Halla (Brioche) "Fonot Kalács"
This wonderful sweet bread contains delicious raisons!
Beautifully hand woven!
[ ] 1 ½ lbs. $ 12.95

French Style Rolls - 12" Long "Francia Zsemle"
[ ] 1.75 ¢ ea.
[ ] (Package of 6) $ 8.95

French Style Bread "Francia Kenyér"
This light loaf has a delicious taste.
Kept un-sliced in the traditional manner!
[ ] 1 ½ lbs. $ 8.95

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