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PEPPERS (Magyar Paprika)

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Igazi magyar importalt magból termelt


Available and in stock!!!

Otto's has exclusively grown for our customers fresh Hungarian Peppers (paprika), especially from our farms.   These great tasting peppers are grown from authentic imported Hungarian seeds. The Hungarian peppers offer a delicious Hungarian taste. 

The taste is nothing like American green bell peppers and not like any other peppers found at your local supermarket!   These Hungarian white peppers are sweet and rich in vitamins.    The pepper seeds were directly imported from Hungary and first grown in a hot house.   They are then removed from the hot houses and planted to be exposed to the beautiful California weather!   Hungarian Red Paprika spice is made from the delicious Hungarian peppers in Hungary.

Hungarian Peppers are great : for stuffing (tőltőtt paprikat),  for great tasting salads, on delicious sandwiches, sautéed in olive oil.  They are perfect for every Hungarian's  favorite dish - Lecso.(Leh-cho)

With these peppers you can also make your own "Paprika" strings for decorations or to hand in your kitchen!

Seasonally Priced

Fresh  Feher /Sarga Hungarian Sweet
Peppers $ 2.75 to $ 7.95 per pound

(Minimum 3 lbs. per order)

Special:  Buy a 20 pound box and get 2 FREE extra pounds

Surprise someone and order them as a Gift!
Split a box with a friend or relative!  

Great for Hungarian Foods --
Chicken paprikash, stuffed peppers, lecso, sandwiches, etc.


Magyar Paprika

HUNGARIAN PEPPERS  Friss Feher Paprika  White/Yellow FRESH image 2

Beautiful and Tasty
Hungarian Peppers are LARGER
in size than they appear here.

vailable by the pound
(3 lbs. minimum)  $4.95/lb.

Buy by the box and save
Get free peppers!

Small Box

10 lbs. Box + 1 lb.  FREE

Medium Box

20 lbs. Box + 2 lbs. FREE

Large Box

28 lbs. Box + 3 lbs. FREE

Order a box and
Get EXTRA free peppers
for any damaged ones in transit!


(East Coast orders are sent
2nd Day Air or Priority Mail for Freshness!)

Igazi magyar importalt magból termelt

HUNGARIAN PEPPERS  Friss Feher Paprika  White/Yellow FRESH image 4

Csinánaljon finom lecsót, tőltőtt paprikat, paprikkassalátát, vagy vajas kenyért.

Igazi magyar magból termelt fehér-sárga paprika. 

Nagyon finom ízű!

"Jókedvemben tettem, füszölt kolbászt vettem, szereti az a felnőtt gyerek, mert az íze igen remek!"

A világ minden területére szállítunk. Távoli rokonainak is küldühet ajándékot.



ORDER by the Pound or Case
A case is 28 lbs.

Please e-mail Otto's to see if they are in Season or in Stock
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