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NEW!!!   Ready to Bake FRESH Poppy Seed Filling - 40 oz.

Otto's Poppy Seed Filling

  • Poppy seed filling - ground, sweetened poppy seeds.
  • Ideal for fancy, elegant baked goods.
  • Delicious in cookies, cakes, and pastries.

       1 lb.    Package   (12.75/lb.)  $ 14.75 ea.    16 oz.
    2˝ lbs.  Package     (9.95/lb.)  $ 28.50 ea.    40 oz.     <--- Most popular size
    5   lbs.  Package      (9.75/lb.)  $ 58.95 ea.    80 oz.

Otto's delicious fresh out-of-the barrel poppy seed filling is a delight!  
Made to perfection and ready for baking.   No grinding needed. 

Perfect for: Strudel, Kifli, Beigli, Poppy seed roll, Kolache, Hamantaschen, Potica, Babovka, or othe
r delicious dessert recipe items needed for sweet poppy seed filling.    In a re-sealable plastic container.                   

(Refrigerate or freeze on arrival.)

FRESH POPPY SEED - "MÁK"  (Ground or Un-Ground)



[    ]  Freshly Ground Poppy Seed
                (Mák frissen darálva - )       $ 12.95 / lb.

Store ground poppy seed by adding 20% powder sugar
 and placing in the freezer.    


[    ]  Un-ground Poppy Seed (Mák)    $ 10.95 / lb.
      (Unground can be shipped by UPS Ground)  
Grind on site and make the freshest filling!

Minimum order: 1 pound

SPECIAL: 5 lbs. Bag  $
    59.75       Ground  or Un-ground

(For Freshness, "Ground" Poppy Seed requires
"2nd Day Air" or "EXPEDITED"

for any shipments to the Midwest, South and East Coast.)

The quicker the shipment, the sweeter the ground poppy seed.
UNGROUND Poppy Seed does not require fast shipping.

For Poppy Seed Grinders (Click here)

These tiny blue-black seeds have a distinctive affiliation with eastern Europe, perhaps because that corner of the world has nurtured them the most. Best described as nutlike and a little dusty, their flavor is distinctive but not strong, and the crunchy texture is very attractive. Poppy seeds, good in both sweet and savory dishes, are most flavorful when roasted and crushed to release the flavor. Use them in cakes, cookies and breads, and on noodles. Poppy seeds on a bagel make a terrific contrast of texture, taste, and even appearance.
Otto's selects, sells, and imports the best poppy seed.  To guarantee freshness, we suggest NEXT DAY AIR for "Ground" Poppy Seed.

Baking Tip: For storage, you are welcome to freeze ground poppy seed.  Just add 1/3 powdered sugar for freshness.

SOLO - Prepared Fillings





[  ]  $ 5.95           Solo imported filling. Great for desserts or baking.

12 oz.   Pre-pared Can

Tasty and nutritious, Solo line of quality ready-to-use, Cake, Pastry & Dessert Fillings
continue to be a favorite in every bakers' kitchen.

Solo products are available in delicious fillings packed in
airtight vacuum sealed containers to ensure quality and shelf-life.

Choose from several different flavors:

Almond, Apricot, Nut, or Poppy Seed

to fill your cookies, cakes and other dessert items.

Hot or cold, Solo fillings are ready to go!


    and SPICE MILL    (Mák Daráló)

How can one make it without this ideal kitchen mate and still win prizes for the best strudel or beigli on the block? 

You may grind fresh poppy seed to create a perfect consistency. The grinders come in two styles, each with an easy grip handle and sturdy clamp. 

The secret from the finest European pastry chefs:  
"Grind right before you are ready to bake."

  • This durable grinder can grind other seeds: peppercorns, spices, coffee and some nuts.

  • Made of heavy tin coated cast iron in Czech republic.

  • Disassembles for easy cleaning after use.

  • Grinder is 9 in. tall.

$ 79.50 Plastic and MetalScrew AdjustableManual 5 Year Warranty

    Hungarian Christmas Bon Bons

Imported from Hungary!
Choose from several different flavors!
Each wrapped in beautiful colored foil!

"Szaloncukor" is the magic behind a beloved Hungarian Christmas tradition. These white-fringed candies make delightful Christmas trimmings. Wait until you unwrap them and put these delicious candies in your mouth. First, there is a rich covering, and a then a thick creamy center inside.  Practically impossible to resist.   
Makes a great gift too

Hang from your Christmas Tree... Place on gifts... Offer them in a candy dish...

Send a box as a present to a friend, neighbor, colleague or relative.
Each szalon cukor is covered in delicious chocolate.

Each bon bon "szaloncukor" is covered in delicious chocolate.

Several Different Flavors Available...

Otto's 2021-2021
SZALONCUKOR Hungarian Christmas Candies
Over 43 different styles and flavors! 

Buy any 8 and get 1 FREE!  

Csengettyű Szaloncukor
    PÁLINKAZwack Unicum Liqueur | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data

[     ]   Zselés (Jelly)  350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Családi Vegyes (Mixed)   350g           $ 14.99
[     ]   Kókuszos (Coconut)  400g           $ 12.99
[     ]   Kakaós-Rumos  (Cocoa-Rum)  400g      $ 12.99
[     ]   Vajkaramellás (Toffee Butter-Caramel )  350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Csokolades Trüffelkrémes (Chocolate Truffle Cream 350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Ír Krémlikőr (Irish Cream) 350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Madártej Ízű (Vanilla Cream Floating Island )  350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Tejkrémes (Milk Chocolate)  350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Barackos  (Palinkás) (Apricot)  350g        $ 14.99
[     ]   Keserűlikőrös (Unicum-ós) (Dark Bitter Liqueur) 350g        $ 14.99
[     ]   Tiramiszu (Tiramisu) 350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Mogyorókrémes (Hazelnut Nougat)  350g        $ 12.99
[     ]   Banán Ízű            (Banana)  400g 400g $ 12.99
Exclusive Premium 
Exclusive Csokis-Tejkrémes Premium Chocolate Cream 350g        $15.99
Exclusive Kókuszos   Premium Coconut 350g        $15.99
Exclusive Marcipános Premium Marzipan 350g        $15.99
MICROSE SZALONCUKOR HOZZÁADOTT CUKOR NÉLKÜL - DiétABC Gluténmentes,  laktózmentes termékek webáruháza

Exclusive cukorbetegeknek

Prémium szaloncukor Hozzáadaott cukor nélkül

Sugar-Free Szaloncukor) 

400g        $ 19.99



Bonbonetti_zseles_citrom_narancs    Bonbonetti_valogatas   Bonbonetti_Kakaos_rum_kakao
Premium Zselés (Jelly)  350g        $ 14.99
Premium Kókuszos (Coconut)  400g           $ 14.99
Premium Rumos-kakaós (Chocolate-Rum)  400g      $ 14.99


Szerencsi Classic Hungarian Szaloncukor

(Traditional Retro Szaloncukor with white wrapping paper.)
Szerencsi túrós krémmel töltött étcsokoládé szaloncukor 250 g

Made in Budapest, Hungary


[   ]  "Retro"  Túrós

Chocolate with Cream Cheese
(Gift Boxed)
250g     $22.99
[   ]   "Retro" Tojáslikőr Eggnog (Gift Boxed) 350g        $29.99
[   ]  "Retro"  Meggy-Marzipános Sour Cherry-Marzipan with Cseresznye pálinka alcohol  400g $29.99

with free GIFT BOX

Szamos Premium Szaloncukor:

Szamos marcipán szaloncukor csokoládéval mártva 340 g


Szamos marcipán szaloncukor csokoládéval mártva

Szamos premium szaloncukor with Marzipan in Gift Box

340g $29.99

SZAMOS SZC CSOKOLÁDÉS 250G - Tesco Bevásárlás


Ccsokoládékrémmel töltött marcipán szaloncukor csokoládéval mártva

Fine Chocolate-cream and crushed marzipan Almonds in a beautiful gift box.

     Traditional wrapping

Szamos Premium Szaloncukor Chocolate-Marzipan in Box

250g $22.99

Szamos Eszterházy praliné szaloncukor, diós fehércsokoládéval töltött fehércsokoládé 225 g

Eszterházy szaloncukor praliné, diós fehércsokoládéval töltött fehércsokoládé



Eszterházy torta praliné szaloncukor

Szamos Premium Szaloncukor White Chocolate and Walnut and Vanilla Cream filling

Traditional wrapping

225g $25.99

étcsokoládéval Mártott Marcipános 




Szamos Desszert marcipán szaloncukor meggyes, díszdobozos

Szamos Premium Dark Chocolate with Sour-Cherry-Marzipan filling in Gift Box

340g $ 29.99

étcsokoládéval Mártott Marcipános, Narancsos


Szamos Desszert marcipán szaloncukor narancsos,

Premium Dark Chocolate Bon-Bon with Orange- Marzipan filling

340g $ 29.99

Hand Made Hungarian Szaloncukors from Szerencsi
Chocolates from Budapest, Hungary
Szerencsi étcsokoládéval mártott alkoholos meggyes marcipán szaloncukor 320 g

étcsokoládéval Mártott Alkoholos Meggyes Marcipán 



Premium Dark Chocolate with Cherry-Rum Marzipan filling
225g $ 29.99
Szerencsi étcsokoládéval mártott narancsos marcipán szaloncukor 320 g

étcsokoládéval Mártott Narancsos Marcipán


HANDMADE Szaloncukor
Premium Dark Chocolate with Orange-Marzipan filling


$ 29.99

Hungarian Szaloncukor

Tibi_szaloncukor_assorted_latvany_flat_3 Tibi_szaloncukor_capuchino_latvany_flat Tibi ét kajszibarack szaloncukor 360 g | Bonbonetti

Vegyes Szaloncukor #1

Assorted Mixed Traditional Szaloncukor


Vegyes Szaloncukor #2

Assorted Mixed Fruity Szaloncukor


Ét kajszi-barack

Apricot Szaloncukor





Various fruits isolated on the white ... | Stock image | Colourbox


Tibi_szaloncukor_capuchino_latvany_flat Tibi_szaloncukor_dark_cherry_latvany_flat_2 Tibi_szaloncukor_chocolate_latvany_flat
Tibi CappuccinoKrémmel töltött Étcsokoládé Szaloncukor Tibi Csokoládés-alkoholos meggyeskrémes, Étcsokoládés szaloncukor


Tibi Csokoládékrémmel töltött Tejcsokoládés szaloncukor

 filled with Dark Chocolate coating szalconcukor
Sour-Cherry Cream filled
with a hint of alcohol, covered with Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
with Milk Chocolate Coating
360g 360g 360g
Hot Coffee Cappuccino Latte Art Isolated On White Background Clipping Path  Included Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock 027 Sour Cheery Jam - 190g Bulk Milk Chocolate Supplier - Cargill North America | Cargill
$12.99 $12.99 $12.99

Tibi_szaloncukor_plum_latvany_flat_2 Tibi_szaloncukor_caramel_latvany_flat Tibi_szaloncukor_assorted_latvany_flat_3
Tibi fahéjas-szilvás krémmel töltött kétrétegű tejcsokoládés szaloncukor 360g Tibi karamell-mogyorókrémmel töltött tejcsokoládés szaloncukor 360g Tibi válogatás tej- és étcsokoládés szaloncukor 360g
Plum Cinnamon Hazelnut-Caramel

Mixed (Vegyes)

Red Cherry Plums With Cinnamon Sticks Isolated On White Background. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 117543448.

hazelnuts composition - hazelnut stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images



Walnut or Poppy seed Roll / Roulade

"Diós és Mákos Beigli"

A great dessert. Give mom or grandma the day off.

Beigli  is made with the tasty mixtures of country-churned butter, fresh laid eggs, all natural flour, amber honey and delicious raisins. Otto's own imported fresh-ground walnuts or poppy-seeds are wrapped in a light delicious dough. Watch these mouthwatering ingredients  melt-in-your-mouth.

When refrigerated properly, this extraordinary golden brown goodness will stay fresh for quiet a while.

Great for everyday or special events!  (Can be refrigerated or stored frozen too.)  

Serves up to six to eight servings.  
Pop-into the microwave for a few seconds until slightly warm and it will taste like it was baked fresh on the spot.
"Mmmmmm..."  Large     Approx. 2 lbs. Medium   

       [  ]  Walnut

$ 24.75 each
       [  ]  Poppyseed$ 24.75 each

ADVENT CALENDARS with delicious Chocolate

Open a window each day and receive a delicious piece of chocolate. 
Lent calendars are a great way to count the number of days until Christmas.  
Great for Kids or Grandchildren!



[      ]   $ 5.95 each

[      ]    SPECIAL: BUY 5 for $ 28.50

SPECIAL: Hungarian Christmas
Gift Bag, Ribbon and Santa Goodies

Decorative bag filled with several delicious
European Candies and Chocolates.

Includes fancy Chocolate Santa and gift packing. 


Snowball Strawberry 80g
•  Szalon cukor  (Hungarian BonBons)
•  Sour Cherry flavored filled candy
•  Imported Chocolate Santa
•  Milka Hazelnut Cream Wafer
•  Decorative Hungarian "Vigracs" Whip

Great for Christmas stocking stuffers, Gifts for "Mikulás Náp" Santa Day  (December 6, 2009)

A great gift for kids or adults!!


  [   ]        $15.50 Value for INTERNET Special:  $12.75 each



Hungarian Christmas Carols and traditional music.


Hungarian Christmas Carols and traditional music.


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Chestnut Puree  •   "Gesztenyepüré"  •  Candies  •  Imported Wines

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