Otto's has sent thousands of pounds and packages of "Express Products" to our customers -- small and large.

Overnight, we can send you these products to your address quick and safe! Once they leave the doors, they are the responsibility of the 3rd party shipper and the person(s) receiving or signing for the order. We cannot be responsible for spoilage of these items. (Spoilage is very rare, and usually only occurs in misaddress or undeliverable merchandise.)

Styrofoam coolers are available and suggested:

   Some express products may need a boxed Styrofoam cooler. 
                            The Styrofoam coolers are $4.75 each.    
      Cooler will help keep items cooler from the heat during and insulte the products during transit.   A cooler may reduce a day or two off the transit time.  Coolers are highly suggested non-smoked items.  


Examples: Hurka, Headcheese, Liverwurst, Bologna, Frankfurters, Sheep Milk Cheese, Trappist Cheese, etc... must be kept cool to remain fresh and to meet our highest quality standards.

               UPS 2nd Day Air     

Otto's wishes to send you all our famous products to our customers and friends. Our goal is to find the cheapest, fastest, and safest way to get them to you.

On occasion, we do not add "dry ice" or "ice" to orders because they add tremendous weight to packages.  The products can act as ice.   We'd rather ship you more products that help to keep the package cooler than water (ice)   Depending on the order, we will freeze or refrigerate the entire package and then send it off with UPS.  Occasionally, we may send your "Express products" separate boxes instead of shipping them as an entire order. This may help save on shipping costs by sending the heavier items by UPS Ground.  

Otto's representatives will help decide which type of shipping options are needed while assembling your shipments. If you have a preferred method, then please let us know.

"Express Products" are sent completely frozen on the day of pick-up.  These are shipped with either regular "Next Day Air", "2nd Day" or "3 Day" Shipping. The type of shipping depends on the product, quantity, weather, season, service, and the location of the delivery. 

Most West Coast orders "Express products" can be sent by UPS "ground" because shipping usually only takes 2 days.
If the products are sent by UPS, they will be sent insured for contents. We can not insure or credit perishables items. Perishable items are usually sent on Mondays or Tuesdays to avoid any possibility of them being kept in UPS's storage warehouse over the weekend or a Holiday.

It is difficult to fully pre-determine the exact shipping costs to the dollar since the size of the package differs.   The larger your order the cheaper the relative costs of shipping.   Also, we do not add or make any money on the shipping.   We will forward the same rates as listed online by UPS or US Mail.

Where possible, Otto's will try to send your express orders "3 day Select", which is considerably cheaper!
To get the price of "3 day" shipping, double the approximate "ground" shipping costs.

"3 Day Select"
Double Approximate Ground Shipping Costs

Second Day Air"
Add approximately $ 5 per pound

"Next Day Air"
Add approximately $8 per pound

If you have overpaid for "Express" shipping, we will return any un-used portion of your approximate shipping costs.

Please add for additional express shipping costs because then we may have to bill for the difference.


               UPS 2nd Day Air     

Please make sure someone will be available to sign for the products when they are delivered or we suggest to leave a note on your door. Ordering perishables are at the buyers own risk. When these products are received, quickly open them and if needed wash with cold water. We suggest to place them quickly into the freezer.

In most cases, we will place your entire package of "Express" and "Non-express" Products into our deep freezers here at Otto's.   We'll cool the entire box too.

We will refrigerate or freeze your ENTIRE shipment to cool the package if it includes an "
Express Product". This way the entire shipment will refrigerate the "Express Products" and keep them colder during shipping.

This has been very successful!

We will try to find the cheapest, fastest and safest way to get them to you. 

Express Products must be sent with "Next Day Air", "2nd Day Air",
and in cool weather "EXPEDITED".

Shipments over 300 lbs are sent by "Refrigerated Cargo Truck".

Enjoy! Express Products are on their way!

(Express 2nd Day and Next Day shipping is cheaper by the pound with larger orders.  The first pound is the most expensive.)


* If you have any Express Product Shipments suggestions, then please let us know! *


It's much cheaper and faster than sending by U.P.S!


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