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Odol Toothpaste - Mint Flavor! "Odol Fogkrém"

Odol Med3 - Mint flavored Toothpaste from Germany. Whitening power, Prevent Periodontal Disease, Reduce Plaque and Dental Cavities with regular brushing. Contains fluoride!
The best tooth paste available from Europe.      75 ml.

3fach-Vorsorge gegen: Karies Parodontose Zahnsteinbildung
Klinisch Getestet - Mint    Tube auf Verschluß stellen

[       ]    Odol Med3 Neu Sanftes Whitening "SamtWeiss" $ 10.75 ea.       
[       ]     Odol Med3 "Mint"      $ 10.75 ea.  

Odol Concentrated Mouthwash - Mint

Odol Mouthwash. "Odol szájvíz"

Great Taste! Mint Flavored for long-lasting fresh breath. More freshness in a glass bottle... for less money.  Odol is concentrated mouthwash that you dilute with water to use.
It is not meant to be used directly in its concentrated form hence why pay for all that water with other mouthwashes. All you need a couple drops to keep your breath fresh and clean for the entire day!

Made in Germany.

Small Trial Size Bottle
 - Great for Traveling
1/4 oz.$     3.49
Medium Bottle   75 ml.2 1/2 oz.$    14.95
Large Bottle     150 ml.    (Best Buy)  5 oz.$    19.95

FA Soap

Fa Bath and Shower Soap "Fa Szappan"

      The best soap available from Europe!   
      Clean, Healthy, Vitalizing, Energizing and Refreshing!

$ 2.75 per bath bar

Internet Special:     Buy 10 and get 2 free!!

Yuvan Cosmetics from Hungary

Hungarian Cosmetics
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