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Ready to Bake FRESH Poppy Seed Filling - 40 oz.

Otto's Poppy Seed Filling.

  • Poppy seed filling - ground, sweetened poppy seeds - is ideal for fancy, elegant baked goods.
  • Delicious in cookies, cake, and pastry.

   2˝ lbs.  Package  (9.95/lb.)    $27.50 ea.

Otto's delicious fresh out-of-the barrel poppy seed filling is a delight!  
Made to perfection and ready for baking.   No grinding needed. 

Perfect for: Strudel, Kifli, Beigli, Poppy seed roll, Kolache, Hamantaschen, Potica, Babovka, or othe
r delicious dessert items needed for sweet poppy seed filling.    In a re-sealable plastic container.                   

(Refrigerate or freeze on arrival.)




Ground or Unground


[   ]  Freshly Ground Poppy Seed
                (Mák frissen darálva)     $ 12.95 / lb.

[   ]  Un-ground Poppy Seed (Mák)  $ 10.95 / lb.

(Minimum Order 16 oz (350g.)

(Okay to freeze the product when you add 15% granulated sugar.  Freeze up arrival.)

SPECIAL:   5 lbs. Bag  $ 49.95   Ground or Un-ground

Imported from Europe!       The finest sweet dark navy blue poppy seed available.

Chosen especially for Otto's Import Store & Deli.
Great for strudel or crepe fillings.  

Your choice: freshly ground or whole poppy seed. Keeps indefinitely in your freezer.
Please request 2nd Day Air for freshness for South, East Cost and Mid-West Orders.


"Meggy Kompot"

Great for Hungarian Cherry Soup "Meggy Leves", Waffles, Pancakes and Ice-Cream!
[  ] 24 oz. $ 5.95

"Meggy Kompot" with Rum

[  ] 24 oz. $ 6.75

Everybody asks for seconds when you serve these marvelous cherries. Great for strudel, fruit soups, and compotes. Both come in their own syrup.



Grape leaves (also known as vine leaves) are most often used to wrap rice, pine nuts and herbs to make (toltott szolo level) dolmades, which are a popular finger food in Greece and Middle Eastern countries.

[  ] 16 oz.   $ 10.95 ea.


Ground Walnuts (Walnut Meal)  - "Daralt Dio"

Fully ground European or California Walnuts.  We suggest to add sugar in the recipe for any nuts to help absorb the oils.  Store ground nut meal in the refrigerator or freezer, but we suggest for freshness, to use them soon as possible. 

$12.75 / lb. 

For walnut grinders, click here.

Whole Walnuts without shells
Walnuts (Shelled)  - Dio

Natural and great tasting.   A handful a day to keep the doctor away.
Great for baking, salads, cooking, ice cream, etc.

$10.95 / lb.

For walnut grinders, click here.

Wild Black Walnuts without shells  - Fekete Vad Dio
Black Natural and great tasting.   A handful a day to keep the doctor away.
A unique flavor great for baking, salads, cooking, ice cream, etc.

[    ]   Medium to Large Pieces $ 14.75 / lb.

[    ]   Fancy Large Pieces $15.75 / lb.

 One pound minimum order.
 Order a 5 lbs. box and save $5 on shipping.

For walnut grinders, click here.

Nearly all Black Walnuts come from trees growing in the wild, while English walnuts come from orchards. The main difference between Black Walnuts and English walnuts are the rich, bold, distinctive flavor of the Black Walnut. ... Black Walnuts are a nutritional nut containing the highest protein content of any tree nut.

Toretenboden (Wafer Cake Layers - Round)           "O"

Flawless round cake layers that provide a splendid short-cut for bakers who insist on excellence.  Unfilled cake layers for "Dobos Torte" - the legendary Hungarian seven-layer cake.  Just add filling.    (Package of 10 sheets in a box.) 
Wetzel Wafers for Fancy Cakes
Imported from Hungary.

4.4 oz.     $ 6.95 each            Special: 3 for $ 15.95

Hungarian Cake Wafer Layers  - Rectangle    "[       ]"

Flawless rectangle cake layers provide a splendid short-cut for bakers who insist on excellence.
Unfilled cake layers. Great for "Dobos Torte" - the legendary Hungarian seven-layer style cakes. You just add the filling. 
Made in Hungary

Approx. 4 oz.      Basic Sheets  Sets $ 7.50
SAVE:                3 Basic Sheet Sets for $ 21.50

Knorr Bouillon Chicken Flavor Cubes, 6 Count, 2 oz

Knorr 6 Large Cubes         Net Wt. 2 ˝ oz.         $ 4.95

[  ]  Beef Bouillon
[  ]  Chicken Bouillon
[  ]  Fish Bouillon


"Szalakáli" Vancza 20 g - Made in Hungary

[  ]   Vancza "Szalakáli" $ 5.75

Great for pogácsa (Pogacha) and other baked goods.

For pogácsa (Pogacha)
(Click here)


Magyar Konyha Recept:  Porhanyós sajtos pogácsa


Rétesliszt 50 dkg
Szalakáli 2 dkg
Rama margarin 25 dkg
Pannónia sajt 15 dkg
Tejföl 2 dl
Vaj 3 dkg
Tojássárgája 1 db
A lisztet, a sót és a szalakálit szárazon csomómentesre keverjük. A többi hozzávalóval gyorsan és alaposan összedolgozzuk és 20 percet pihentetjük. A tésztát ujjnyi vastagra nyújtjuk, a pogácsákat kiszaggatjuk, egyen-ként körbesodorjuk és egy vajjal megkent sütőlapra tesszük. Ne rakjuk túl sűrűn, hogy maradjon helyük a nö-vekedésre. Bekenjük tojássárgájával és reszelt Pannónia sajttal megszórjuk. Közepesen meleg sütőben kisütjük. Ha teljesen kihűlt, akkor a legfinomabb.   (Click here)

Müller    Made in Germany

[  ]   "Szalakáli"  10 g. $ 5.95
[  ]   Potassium Carbonate (Potash/Pearl ash)   $ 5.95
[  ]   Ammonium-Hydrogen-Carbonate (A raising agent)    $ 4.79   Great for Cookies and Baking!


[  ]   Morton Salt                    1 lb. 10 oz.          $ 3.25
[  ]   Morton "Kosher" Salt          3 lb.                $ 4.75


Kühne - Made in Holland
[  ]         .75 ltr.          $ 3.99

Flag of Croatia

Adriatic Product of Croatia

[  ] Sardines in Tomato Sauce $ 2.95

[  ] Sardines - Plain $ 2.95

  German flag

Herring Fillers in Burgundy Sauce

[  ] Gosch Product of Germany $ 2.95

NATURAL HERB BITTERS - 3 Tannen Bokenkamp

A healthy herbal style bitters similar to Jagermiester and Unicum liquor (liqueur).
Made of traditional formula of herbs, roots and spices.
Imported from Germany.
German flag
These bitters are a well known digestive for stimulating the appetite and digestion.
A mixture of natural herbs leads to great digestion!

3 Tannen Bokenkamp "Deutsches Erzeugn" 

Over 50 different herbs, roots and fruits are brought together from all across the globe for Bokenkap.

[  ] 350 ml    $ 14.75
[  ] 700 ml    $ 24.75


After a good meal to feel bright and alert!
Natural Herb Bitter from Germany!  Just like Hungarian Unicum

Made of traditional formula of herbs, roots and spices.
A potent mixture of herbs. Great for digestion!

[  ] 3 pack .66 oz. bottles $ 6.95


[  ] 50 cmł $ 6.75
[  ] .2 ltr.    $ 15.75



You'll never call vanilla plain again!
Place in sugar bean for pure vanilla sugar. Add to puddings, sauces, etc...
Great for ice cream lovers. Hand-packed.

One for $ 5.95
6 Vanilla Beans for $ 19.95
12 Vanilla Beans for $ 35.95

Origin map for Coupe Grade Spanish Saffron from The Spice House
Imported pure - SPANISH SAFFRON
The world's most luxurious spice! Great for rice and many other dishes.

3 for $ 15.95
6 for $ 22.95 

For Hungarian PAPRIKA (Click here)

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