Otto's Hungarian Import Store & Deli
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The retail store is comfortably stocked and has a traditional Hungarian feeling. Cookware and cookbooks are stacked throughout the store and in the midst of the store, sits a display case filled with fine Hungarian Herend figurines. There are fine deli items with numerous courteous employees to answer any of your questions.

Otto’s has the greatest salamis, sausages and deli items important to many traditional European and Hungarian dishes. Otto’s has it all! You can start with a simple Hungarian sausage and a bottle of imported brewed beer or turn into a "sophisticate", and create your own fine gourmet European meal.

Traditionally, in Hungary, at the beginning of winter, when the harvest is full-grown and ready to eat, it is cause for a huge celebration! All kinds of delicious sausages are made during the festivities. Fresh sausages are made and eaten first; and others are specially reserved for smoking and drying.

Otto's carries a variety of these fine sausages and salamis. The sausages range in many styles, such as: mild, garlicky, dry, spicy, mildly smoked or any of these combinations.

The májas hurka, (liver sausage), and tasty véres hurka, (blood sausage), are ready to cook to be served on a wooden platter, along with fine red cabbage braised in vinegar.

"Gyulai", "Debreceni" and "Csabai" are very tasty sausages. For those interested in Salami’s, Otto’s carries other fine meats such as the authentic Hungarian imported Pick Salami, subtly spiced winter salami (Telí), and a spicier paprika salami (Paprikás).

Delicious Hungarian and Black Forest hams are another part of Otto’s specialties.

Otto's has special Hungarian-style bacons which are great for cooking or eating. The smoked bacon (füstölt szalona) is an aged bacon with a great all-natural-flavor. The slightly smoked cooked bacon "abalt szalona" has very slight garlic taste and given a bright coat of the finest Hungarian paprika.

Otto's supplies all sorts of imported noodles for different uses -- even an fine egg barley version. Otto's stocks numerous styles of fine Hungarian peppers, salads, plums in brandy and sour - cherries for cherry soup--"magyar meggy leves".

You can supply your pantry with jars of Hungarian red or yellow peppers with or without robust sauerkraut. Try the fine red cabbage or sweet peppers stuffed with robust sauerkraut. Both are a great side dish with any meal.

Also available are jars of plain imported Hungarian Yellow Paprika peppers.

In, summer, we specially grow white and yellow Hungarian peppers. These beautiful Hungarian peppers are sold farm fresh for delivery. The first harvest of these delicious Hungarian Peppers are in early May. The last harvest is in early November.

Otto's has imported mustards and condiments galore. You can also choose from several fine Hungarian paprika for flavoring chicken and other great dishes.

Try the jars of red-gold paprika paste which are made from five kinds of Hungarian peppers.

Bakers will find a whole line of Dr. Oetker products -- including sheet gelatin, vanilla sugars and baking powders.

We have Lékvar, a luscious Hungarian plum and peach jam to fill dessert dumplings, place on toast, or in pastries.

Otto’s carries the finest imported chocolates, potato sugar candy and a collection of sweet jams and preserves (including the quince and rose hips).

Would you like a super cool natural refreshing old fashioned drink? Try "Malna Syrup" It is a Hungarian favorite. Take this pure raspberry or cherry syrup and mix with club soda water. Then you will have a very fun natural drink for everyone in the family.

Chestnut purée, another Otto’s favorite, makes a famous dessert. Just press the fine chestnut purée through a vermicelli press and add a little whip cream. You will have a easy delicious dish for everyone to love.

Do you like fish? Try the finest fish soup (Halászlé) available for quick cooking. "Szeged Halászlé" is a great ready to eat meal. Just warm and add a spoon.

Otto's is a great source for cookbooks and specialized cooking implements. We have wooden squash graters, various spaetzle makers, poppy seed grinders, nut grinders, and meat grinders.

If you have interest in wines, check out our special selections, which include Bulls Blood (Egri Bikavér), Balatoni, Tokaji and Gundel, -- the prized sweet wines of Hungary.

Otto's Hungarian Import Store & Deli

"Keeping the Hungarian Traditions Alive!"

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Otto's Hungarian Import Store & Deli
2320 West Clark Avenue, Burbank, California 91506
(818) 845-0433

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