How do I make an Order from Otto's?

Making an order is easy!  We have five methods:

We welcome you to order either telephone, fax, e-mail,
visiting our retail store, or by mail.

First, we suggest to save or print out an Otto's order form!

Clearly fill out a form and include payment information.  You can edit the order form with MS Word or complete the form by using a pen using capital letter.  Then mail or fax the order to Otto's.    You may also "Call" or "E-mail" your order to us too.   

(If you E-mail us your order, we suggest to include the payment information in two separate e-mails for security reasons.  Please do not forget to include the "safety number" and the expiration date on orders.)  Please leave us your telephone number just in case we need to notify you in regard to your order.

We would be happy to follow any special instructions or requests.
We can gladly do "Gift orders", "Next Day" Deliveries, "Same Day" Deliveries, Business Address Deliveries, etc...

Most orders are delivered within a few days of receiving an order. -- It's easy!
If you are in a rush, let us know and we can get your order out in the same day or the next pick-up.

Other suggestion:

You can "cut and paste" items from Otto's web pages to complete your orders and place them in your word processor document and e-mail them to us.
We can calculate everything for you, including the shipping.  



Mail Orders:
Mailing Address and Retail Store:

Otto's Import Store & Deli
2320 West Clark Avenue
Burbank, California 91506 U.S.A.

(Directions and Map)

E-mail Orders:
(For security, we suggest to split payment information into two separate e-mails)
Telephone Orders:
+1 (818) 845-0433

(9: 30 am. to 6:00 p.m. - Monday through Saturday - Pacific Time)

Closed on Sundays for Fishing!
Fax Orders:
(818) 845-8656 * (24 Hours) * Fastest way to order.

FAQ: Ordering by Mail  or  Fax

First, print out an order form!

Click here for "Order Forms"

Fill out an order form with a pen or by the computer.  Please don't forget to include your payment information. Mail or fax the order to us and that's all you have to do. You leave the rest of the work to us.

(If you want, we can calculate the pricing, merchandise total,
                        shipping and handling costs for you.)

Please specify any "special instructions" or requests.

Special requests can include:

Gift orders, Next Day Deliveries, Rush Orders, Business address deliveries, etc...

Packages are delivered within a few days of receiving your order. All perishables are sent on Mondays or Tuesdays.  For "Mailed" in orders, allow one additional week for Otto's to receive your order.  We suggest to use a credit card.  If you mail a check, there will be delay with the order for up to 10 days for the check to clear.

You may print out an order form or use your own by handwriting your order or  using "cut and paste" from our web pages into a "word processing" document.  Please include telephone numbers, billing addresses, shipping addresses, shipping methods, credit card information and expiration date.      We can calculate the totals for you.

For "Mailed" in orders, please allow one additional week for Otto's to receive your order and few days for your check to clear.  Out-of-state checks may take 10 to 12 days to clear.   We suggest to use a credit card whenever possible to expedite your order. 

Fax Number: (818) 845-8656 - 24 hours.
Address: 2320 West Clark Avenue, Burbank, California 91506 U.S.A.


Ordering is easy!  Try any of these methods:

FAQ: Ordering by Telephone

Otto's has several employees who speak Hungarian, German, English, Croatian, French, and Spanish. Feel free to order in your favorite language.

Otto's Welcomes Telephone Orders during business hours.
Telephone Number: (818) 845-0433

(Call Monday through Saturday 10:00 am. to 6:00 p.m. - Pacific Standard Time)
Not available on Sundays because we are gone fishing.

FAQ: Ordering by E-mail

You may E-mail your order. For security reasons do not transmit your credit card information over the Internet.    Split your payment information into two or three e-mails.

E-mail your order and then "call" in your credit card number, expiration date & safety number.

FAQ: For the Savvy Internet, MS Word and Computer Users:

If you "save" "Otto's order form" in a "HTML" format then it is possible to fill out "Otto's Order Form" on your computer. Use a HTML  editor or Microsoft Word.

Just type or paste in the order onto the "Order Form" and then Print the completed form and send it.
From your computer you can "fax" or "e-mail" the order directly to our computers.

You are always welcome to print out Otto's order form and to fill it out by hand too.  Please use large clear letters if you are writing by hand.

  Are you hungry yet?
We look forward to fulfilling your order.

Otto's can complete your Gift Orders too:

If you are sending a gift order, we can include your personal card for the occasion or our free card with your message.

All gift orders can be sent to any desired location. Each gift order is considered a separate order and each has its own shipping and handling fees.

Otto's Return Policy

Payments can be made to:
"Otto’s Import Store & Deli"

Payments can be made by either check, credit card, money orders, or cashiers check.

If you have any questions,
please call us. 1 (818) 845-0433


Click here for an "Order Form"

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